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If we have adjusted fairly well during the first 50 years of our lives, we`re likely to be able to adjust during the next 50 years.On the other hand, if we`ve resisted change throughout our lives, we will probably continue doing so-and experience negative effects that may include the following: · Physical complaints: There`s a clear relationship between mental and physical well-being.Aging means change – physical, psychological, relationships, social, environment, situation, behavior, spiritual, and intellectual.Everyone adjusts to aging differently Chances are good that a demanding 80 year-old was a demanding 35 year-old.So the best way to predict how an older person will act is to look back at her behavior in earlier life.People who did not like change when they were younger don’t generally like it any better as they age.Adjusting often depends on our prior health and how well the conditions can be controlled. We process and retrieve information in different ways as we grow older.Someone who has been healthy most of his life may struggle with accepting health problems as he gets older. Those who are inactive and/or have health problems may experience declines in strength, endurance, and mobility. For example, we may take longer to recall information. However, stress, medication interactions, depression, dementia and a number of other conditions can cause serious memory problems.

· Sense of helplessness: People may feel that they are at the mercy of their health problems, living arrangement, income limitations, or negative events.You will look at adjustment to change, grief, depression, behavior changes, and the importance of attitude in successful aging.You will also learn or review what you can do as a caregiver to support and encourage successful aging.And there may also be a sense of loss of the respect of others.We all have different ways of coping with loss and change.

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· Physical changes in vision, hearing, and other senses. Our eyes have more difficulty focusing on near objects and adjusting to changes in light intensity. We may have difficulty hearing tones that have a high pitch.

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