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One of the more pointed throwaways involves Ryan’s enthusiastic agent, Elizabeth (Kate Walsh), who says things like “Preach, girl!

” in an overeager bid to become an honorary member of the sisterhood.

The leader of the self-named “Flossy Posse” is Ryan Pierce (Regina Hall), a bestselling self-help author who teaches others to live by her maxim: “If I will it, I can have it all.” She’s clearly being set up for a fall.

Pinkett Smith is terrifically game as the most uptight and mercilessly teased member of the posse, while Latifah (her costar in 1996’s “Set It Off”) puts a more dramatic spin on her performance as Sasha, a jaded and often judgmental collector of other people’s secrets.

All three of these actresses seem to know that this is Haddish’s breakout moment, and they step aside accordingly.

Funnily enough, “Girls Trip” does turn out to be a movie about forgiveness, but it isn’t the women’s debauched antics that cry out for redemption.

It’s the subtle ways they’ve hurt each other and themselves over the years, sometimes by pursuing their own dreams at the expense of friendship, and sometimes by letting those dreams die.

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“Girls Trip” isn’t as hard-hitting or topical in its concerns, but in the context of Hollywood’s ongoing strides toward greater diversity it would be short-sighted to dismiss the movie’s liberating and inherently political vision of black female sexuality, its willingness to let its women pursue their pleasures (Larenz Tate and Kofi Siriboe pop up as two easy-on-the-eyes love interests) and juggle their aspirations without being reduced to either.

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