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These men respect women very much so Russian brides should not worry.

Start dating man from Iceland and soon you will admire northern lights together!

Therefore, just living in Iceland as well living like the Icelanders can improve your life expectancy by about four years on average.

In 1975, abortion was made legal in Iceland with a law passed by their legislature rather by a court decision.

To Americans, the following facts will sound horrific. Icelanders are paid statistically less than Americans in comparable jobs.

The Icelander work week is typically between 45-49 hours per week. Icelandic workplaces stress a culture of individuals working towards a common goal.

You know, Democrats are always like- you know, America’s the greatest country in the world. Iceland has a division between ‘single’ and ‘married’ called ‘confirmed cohabitation’.

Once a couple enters into an agreement of confirmed cohabitation, they are able to apply for taxes as a married couple and are afforded protection by law against the other party moving out or shirking obligations.

Except in cases of the health of the mother (which is identified early in the process), abortions are not legal after the first four weeks of pregnancy.Source: It is perfectly legal to own a gun in Iceland.The gun must be licensed, registered, and purchased from a legal gun dealer.As such, there is literally no reason for the expectant mother not to take full advantage of a family friendly policy which encourages having the healthiest babies possible.Icelandic men have a life expectancy of nearly 80 years and Icelandic women have a life expectancy of nearly 83 years.

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