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Research Interests: Seismic design and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete and masonry structures, Earthquake risk mitigation in developing countries, Development and applications of base isolation and seismic damper devices.

Research Interests: Performance-based earthquake engineering, Passive structural control, Seismic isolation, Characterization of earthquake shaking, Seismic risk assessment, Concrete and masonry structures, Blast-resistant design Research Interests: Carbon sequestration of coral reefs of Gujarat, Status of grasslands of Saurashtra and Central Gujarat, Potential area mapping for mangrove restoration in South Gujarat, Kachchh and Saurashtra.

Research Interests: Investigation of groove-modified nucleobases on Y-family DNA polymerase activity, Construction of metal nanowires based on biomolecular templates, Structure-function correlations of unorthodox DNA structures.

Research Interests: Protein Aggregation and their Role in Neurodegenerative Disorders, Role of Post Translational Modifications on protein aggregation and toxicity, Peptides as Molecular Probes / Therapeutics in Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders, Role of Proteomics in understanding the effect of disease modifying therapies, Difficult Peptide Synthesis and Novel Scaffolds.

The three million year Quaternary period, the time of recognizable humans, is too small to be visible at this scale.

Research Interests: Computational analysis of optical nanostructures, Plasmonics and meta materials, Super-resolution imaging, Plasmonic sensing and SERS, High performance numerical electromagnetics, Fibre optics, nonlinear fibre optics.

Research Interests: Virtual Reality based Human Computer Interaction used in affective computing, Eye Tracking and Physiology based modeling techniques, Human Robot Interaction used in cognitive studies.

Research Interests: Structure-property correlation, Super plastic forming and formability of materials, Development of aluminum based alloys, Energy reduction & wastes utilization, Physical metallurgy, Materials science, Basic metal forming.

Research Interests: Thermodynamic modeling of materials, Kinetic modeling of metallurgical processes such as solidification and diffusion, Application of thermodynamic modeling to industrial processes.

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