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Almost every social networking chat group with a name such as "Sex Addicts" or variants on the theme consists of around 40 or 50 members, with most saying that they have "excessive" sexual desires, but still feel guilty after one-night stands."I sometimes have to make love with different people five times a night, or even more.There has not been a great deal of academic study or research into the topic, said Huang Yingying, deputy director of the Institute of Sexuality and Gender at Renmin University of China.She said it is not a social problem at the moment, but there are no reliable figures in China, because of the difficulty of conducting investigations and surveys into the subject.One-night stands Shi has masturbated as often as seven times a day since the age of 15 and has frequently indulged in one-night stands.

Then I did it again and again," said Shi in a soft voice."Sex addiction" is a subject that often prompts ribaldry rather than sympathy, especially if a Hollywood star is involved.For many people it's the butt of crude jokes, but those who feel themselves afflicted are often confused, ashamed, dispirited and horrified. Shi Bin's aggressive appearance - a fingernail-sized piercing in his left earlobe and a brace of tongue studs - is at odds with his gentle manner."I'm a sex addict", wrote one 25-year-old woman, who claimed she has been addicted for three or four years.After breaking up with her boyfriend during her sophomore year at college, she felt a much stronger sexual desire than before.

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In the end it isn't a good feeling, but I can't stop until I am physically exhausted," wrote one chat room visitor, under the name "Poor man with too much sex".

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