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In an attempt to save them from such atrocities Hindu’s were forced to perform infanticide marry them when they were only children .Perform Sati or Widow burning was also done to save women’s respect and torture by Muslim rulers.All these customs hampered the progress of women, yet there appeared throughout the ages some women who excelled as administrators and reformers.The names of Padmini, Razia Begum , Durgawati, who defended the Ahmed Nagar fort., represent the warriors and administrators against women.Smt Gangoli was first woman to speak from congress platform.This was perhaps a beginning of new era and then onwards the women took an increasingly active part in political activities of the country. Cama openly supported the cause of revolutionaries and rank amongst the outstanding leaders of period.Thousands of women joined the Satyagraha army of the Gandhiji.

Among the Maratha rulers Tara Bai , who was instrumental in putting up a powerful resistance against the onslaught of Aurangzeb, and Ahalya Bai Holtar whose administration won admiration of English men were famous women of this time.During the civil Disobedience movement women like Sarojini Naidu, Kamala Devi Chattopadhyaya, Lado Rani Zutshi, Durga Bai and many others became war dictators, Sarojini Nadu was not only the first Indian Woman to become the President of Indian National Congress in 1925 but was also the first woman to lead the biggest salt raid in Bombay.While men were in prison it was left to the women of India to guide and lead the people during the critical periods.The participation of women in Indian freedom struggle are landmarks in the history. They participated in outdoor life as circumstances and situations demanded and there were hardly any prescribed positions exclusively earmarked for men.All the high avenues of learning were open to women who excelled in learning and their hymns were included in vedas.

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